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We also have a selection of specials which change on a daily basis.
Item: Next SciBar - Monday 9 October 2017
DNA and Archaeology
Description: The discovery in 1989 that small amounts of ‘ancient’ DNA are sometimes preserved in the bones and teeth of skeletons has led to many new developments in archaeology. These include the ability to identify the family relationships between groups of skeletons that are buried together, as well as new ways of investigating diseases such as tuberculosis and leprosy in the past.
Ancient DNA has also enabled the genomes of Neanderthals and other types of extinct human to be studied. Neanderthals and members of our own species lived side by side in Europe for 15,000 years until Neanderthals died out about 30,000 years ago. During that period there was interbreeding between Neanderthals and humans, which has resulted in us inheriting some Neanderthal genes, with good and bad impacts on our physiology and health.
Professor Terry Brown has worked on ancient DNA since 1990, first at UMIST and then at the University of Manchester. He has recently completed a project showing that two Egyptian mummies in the Manchester Museum collection were half-brothers, and he has also worked at Mycenae and Vergina in Greece. His presentation will cover all aspects of ancient DNA research including the latest results from studies of the Neanderthal genome.
Jon Thompson is a threat intelligence analyst at SE Labs, which performs independent tests of antivirus products in a laboratory environment. He will discuss the threats facing our inboxes, the criminal economy that surrounds them, how samples are captured for study and testing, and how to spot most common scams.
Event starts 6.30 pm at The Vale Inn, Adlington Road, Bollington. As always, anyone from Junior School age onwards is very welcome. You don’t need to be an expert. Just bring an inquisitive mind!
Admission is free and as always. Arrive early to guarantee a good seat.
Location: The Vale Inn
Item: 3 Peaks Fell Race 2017
Saturday 6th May
Description: It’s back for the 8th year the Bollington Brewing 3 Peaks Fell Race.
This is officially the only fell race in the country that starts and finishes at a brewery!!
The race is run over 5.7 miles climbing 1200 feet around the hills of Bollington. The route visits the summits of Kerridge Hill, White Nancy and Nab Hill.
You can download the race results for the last six years below;
Fell Race 2009 Results
Fell Race 2010 Results
Fell Race 2011 Results
Fell Race 2012 Results
Fell Race 2013 Results
Fell Race 2014 Results
Fell Race 2015 Results
Fell Race 2016 Results
Item: Sip & Knit
2nd Wednesday of the Month
Description: Sip & Knit is the new name of the popular Knit & Natter.
Every 2nd Wednesday of the Month at 8pm
Everyone is welcome whatever your age or ability, and whether you’re knitting or crocheting.
Take a look at the Facebook group below.
Location: The Vale Inn
Item: Bottles and Beer Boxes
Click and Collect Online
Description: All the information about ordering bottles, kegs and beer boxes is now available on the Shop page of the all new Bollington Brewing Website.
Item: We are Cask Marque accredited
Item: Please ‘Like’ our new Vale Inn Facebook page
Item: Real Cider
Choice of Two
Description: We now have a choice of two real ciders on at any one time.
Location: The Vale Inn
Item: It’s a Cheshire Life!!
Check out our article in the July Issue
Description: Click the link below to read a great article about the Vale Inn and Bollington Brewing in the July edition of Cheshire Life.
Location: Cheshire
Item: Bollington Cricket Club
Vale Inn Proud Sponsors
Description: The Vale Inn is proud to sponsor Bollington Cricket Club for the fifth year.
Location: Bollington
Item: Walking around the Vale
Macclesfield Outdoors
Description: If you fancy a walk before or after food or a few pints at the Vale take a look at the excellent Macclesfield Outdoors website. The link below will take you to the route of a great 4 mile round trip starting and finishing at the Vale.
All feedback will be much appreciated.
Location: The Vale Inn
Item: Macclesfield Express Pub of the Year
Thank you for voting for us
Description: Thank you to everyone who helped us win the Macclesfield Express Pub of the Year 2010.
The regional final was won by The Lazy Toad in Droylesden.
Congratulations to them and for more information click the link below.
Location: The Vale Inn
Item: Bollington Brewing Co.
Proud to be their brewery tap
Description: Bollington Brewing Company is our very own brewery situated 50 yards up the road from the Vale Inn.
We do a selection of ales from a very pale bitter called White Nancy through to a very dark oat meal stout called Oat Mill Stout.
We always have at least five of our own beers on at the Vale with the sixth pump being either a guest beer or one of our specials.
For more information about the beers we also have our own website. To taste the beers pay us a visit at the Vale Inn or one of our other pubs - The Park Tavern in Macclesfield or the Cask Tavern in Poynton.
We are also now selling beer boxes in 18 and 36 pints and 500ml bottles.
Location: The Vale Inn
Item: Moravka 4.4% Lager
Description: Czech style lager brewed by Taddington Brewery near Buxton.
Craft lagers are few and far between but Moravka is brewed on our doorstep and is a big hit with our customers.
Now a permanent feature this is an unpasteurised pilsner with lots of taste.
Item: Pub of the Year 2007
Macclesfield & East Cheshire CAMRA
Description: On Thursday 20th March 2008 the Vale Inn was presented with the CAMRA Macclesfield & East Cheshire Pub of the Year 2007 award.
Click on the link above to see some great photos from the evening.
Location: The Vale Inn